About Us

MyFreeBibleStudy.org is an outreach of Relevant Seminars, a Christian, not-for-profit ministry started in Vancouver, Washington. Our heart's desire is for you to have an opportunity to study God's Word and understand it better. Our prayer is that you will deepen your love for Jesus and that you will come away with a deeper knowledge of what the Bible has to say about the times we live in.

Relevant Seminars is funded by donors and organizations so that we can provide FREE, no-obligation resources and events to communities across the country with no obligation to you.

We believe the Bible is still relevant for our lives today. We want to help you get to know what the Bible says, so you can find answers to the challenges you face every day. We work with local community churches to distribute resources and offer classes that will let you see for yourself what the Bible teaches and give practical information for communities through local partnerships.